Condo Buying Guide

What you need to know about buying a Condominium:

Am I eligible to buy a Condo?

To be eligible to buy a Condominium, you must fulfill the following criteria:

* Must be 21 years old or above

* 5 years MOP (HDB or EC) must fulfilled (If Any)

* 5% Cash upon Booking

* 15% Cash or CPF (OA only) or Both within 8 weeks upon Booking

* Buyer Stamp Duty : 3% Less $5,400

* Legal Fee Est. $2,300

* Bank Loan Max. 80%

* ABSD apply if you are SPR or Foreigner or SC with Residential Property

For more extensive details about eligibility criteria, please contact us.

New Launch Sales Process

Buyer Stamp Duty

First $180,000 Tax 1%

Next $180,000 Tax 2%

Remaining Amount $180,000 Tax 3%

Additional Buyer Stamp Duty

Buyer1st Residential


2nd Residential


3rd & Subsequent

Residential Property


Foreigners under Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) Foreigners of certain nationalities* who fall within the scope of the respective FTAs will be accorded with the same treatment as SCs. Such buyers are required to submit an application for remission so as to enjoy the same treatment as SC. While ABSD payment can be withheld pending approval of remission, BSD cannot be withheld.

* Nationals and Permanent Residents of Switzerland (瑞士), Liechtenstein (列支敦士登), Norway (挪威), Iceland (冰岛) and Nationals of United States of America (美国).

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