Watercove Ville

$2,200,000 - $2,350,000
  • Property type: Luxury
  • Offer type: For Sale , Luxury
  • City: Singapore
  • Neighbourhood: Sembawang
  • Bedrooms: 2-4
  • Property size: 3200-4400 sqft
  • Year: 2023
  • Area: North


Watercove Ville

117 Wak Hassan Drive, Singapore

Project Details

The unique feature of Watercove is that it is situated in District 27 at Wak Hassan Drive, facing the quiet Malaysia Sea. With such peaceful and calming environment, it is inviting, tranquil, spacious, one, two, and three-bedroom cluster housing of a freehold tenure.

Development Name:Watercove
Property Type:Cluster House
Developer:Sembawang Estates (Pte) Ltd
Expected Completion:2023
# of Units:80

These landed houses have an easy access to the Sembawang MRT and many amenities, major roads, and great schools if you drive. Otherwise, the property provides a half-hourly transportation to the nearby MRT. Watercove is strata landed houses with 80 units, each with modern facilities. The Watercove is both a home for new homeowners as well as a great investment for those who want to pass down their property from generation to generation. The Watercove development is been developed by Sembawang Estates (Pte) Ltd.


The Watercove is within walking distance to Sembawang Park and enjoys a great connection by several MRT stations. The Watercove developments address is 203 Wak Hassan Drive. The Watercove development is located on the seafront overlooking the Malaysian-Singapore border. Amenities like hawker centers, several bars, Seafood Paradise and a few eateries are situated along Sembawang road and the connectivity by train and road is outstanding. A bus that shuttles between Sembawang MRT and Watercove area has a high frequency.


The Watercove can be accessed via Sembawang MRT and arterial main road, Sembawang road. The Sembawang road connects to the SLE, TPE, and CTE. A bus terminal is located nearby Watercive project at the Sembawang town. Future Plaza and Canberra MRT station will be a closer option for the Watercove homeowners once completed.

Amenities And Attractions

The Watercove is near a few eateries, a hawker center and a couple of bars along Sembawang Road which is about 5-minute drive from the Watercove development.

Amenities nearby the Watercove project are:

  • Sembawang Shopping Centre,
  • Sun Plaza
  • Chong Pang City.
  • Sembawang Park
  • NTUC Fairprice
  • Causeway Point
  • Northpoint Shopping mall
  • Sheng Siong
  • Giant mall

Additionally, the Watercove development is located near major health facilities in District 27. Great food is just a drive around the corner:

  • Woody Family Cafe
  • Beaulieu House
  • 1036 Live Seafood
  • Happy Village Restaurant

There are good schools, which are within a short driving distance from Watercove. These include:

  • Wellington Primary School
  • Sembawang Primary and Secondary School
  • Canberra Primary School
  • Chongfu Primary School
  • Endeavour Primary School
  • Singapore American School
  • Yishun Junior College
  • Furen International school

It is ideal for parents who wish to enroll their child in one of the nearby schools that are within a short distance from Watercove.


The Watercove is cluster housing different and uniquely located than the rest of the developments. The Wak Hassan Drive location has an unmatched ambiance and view of the sea which is across the road. The area has also benefited from amenities, road and train connections with schools located within a walking distance from its location.

The Watercove houses at the back and along Wak Hassan Drive may get a view of the sea from the roof terrace, and plenty of blue sky and sea to enjoy. These units sit slightly elevated so the roof terraces peak higher than the sea-facing houses. The roof terraces of the Watercove houses are ideal for BBQs and hosting house parties making dining under the stars, with the lapping waves in the nearby distance a pleasant and natural soundtrack.

The built-in lift in Watercove runs up to the roof terrace making it great for hauling up heavy items and foodstuffs easily, without taking the stairs up 3-storey’s. The lift starts from the basement making it accessible from the homes private car park. Stairs are also available should the residents need them.

Additionally, the family/guest room and a yard are located in the basement. The yard comes with sleeping quarters and a toilet though separate. The yard and the utility room is a space onto itself and is not tagged onto another room such as a kitchen. Watercove main/first floor is one floor up from the basement and it has no bedrooms, just a remarkable living room and dining space, the kitchen a guest bathroom, and an outdoor yard area for drying their clothes or hanging plants.

The Watercove development comes with a swimming pool, children’s playground, an outdoor lounge and a lounging garden to enhance the Watercove resident’s entertainment options.

The perfect home if you are looking for a good combination of peace and quiet with an enchanting sea view.

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